Our Services

Technology Services

MedTrix prides itself on adapting the latest advances in mobile technology, data analytics, cloud computing and social media marketing to the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Our technology team develops interactive and engaging solutions for enhancing the marketing and commercial programs of Pharmaceutical companies. The well defined, documented and certified systems and operations coupled with a robust Script library enables Digital production with significant savings in cost and time

Customer Engagement


Customers are increasingly becoming inaccessible to the traditional sales meetings. Customer preference to consume content at a time and location of his/her choice is on the rise. The new reality coupled with the decreasing budgets calls for novel customer engagement solutions with multiple channels of communication. MedTrix, with its extensive experience and deep knowledge of both traditional and digital channels, along with the proprietary Customer Engagement and Virtual Meeting platforms, offers industry leading solutions to engage customers across the globe. Our proprietary engagement tools such as the Patient Case Player, Clinical Paper Detailer, eModule player and eDetailer provide for interesting and engaging experience. These custom solutions take into account the requirements of the brand and its target audience, while merging robust analytics and data modelling techniques to constantly improve the campaign for better SoV and impact


Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare at large is progressively moving from a transactional model to an outcome based one. Patients form the core of this new norm, and enabling them to realise better health and improved Quality-of-Life is critical. MedTrix provides optimal patient engagement solutions that enable them to be informed and educated about the disease and its role in one’s day-to-day life. It has been proven repeatedly that a conscious and aware patient has better treatment adherence and thereby improved impact on health outcomes. A mix of strategy including simulated learning, disease calculators, games, videos, interactive apps and medication reminders is used for better patient experience.

Internal Customers

A global sales infrastructure comprising diverse cultures, languages and geographies often provides myriad challenges in effectively engaging them. At MedTrix, we provide industry leading solutions to engage the field force for their Internal Brand Training requirements and sharing of Best Practices. Our eLearning solution encompasses interactive 3D based content, self-learning modules and proprietary hosting and management platform (LMS). Multiple tactics including gamification, role play and objection handlers are included in the Instructional design of the content for improved retention. MedTrix also provides customized field force portals and Apps using 3D environments for easy interaction and sharing of information.

Digital Production

The division offers a robust and scalable infrastructure for managing all the creative and digital production. With our proprietary e2e platform and its extensive script library, the unit functions in Factory mode managing incredible volume and efficiency. For our clients, the model can translate to savings of as much as 50% by reducing the development cycle. Myriad outputs ranging from websites, mobile apps, e-modules, and print collaterals are produced for various Pharma clients across the world.