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Case Player for AbbVie Immunology

Discover how the Rinvoq Case Player enhanced case-based learning, allowing healthcare professionals to experience the patient journey first-hand and learn from an expert.

The Challenge

AbbVie embarked on a global initiative to connect with healthcare professionals (HCPs) worldwide, aiming to champion their latest product, Rinvoq, for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Having dominated the field of Immunology for a decade with their acclaimed blockbuster – Humira (adalimumab) – AbbVie faced a pivotal transition as Humira approached its patent expiry.

In this context, AbbVie sought to fortify their Immunology portfolio with innovative offerings while actively engaging and informing the HCP community. The focal point revolved around substantiating Rinvoq's enhanced treatment efficacy through compelling scientific data, effectively demonstrating its superiority over adalimumab.

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Our Solution

Patient Case Player is one of our machine learning-driven product offerings that transforms conventional patient cases into engaging and interactive learning journeys. Our proprietary algorithms, meticulously analyze user interactions, providing targeted recommendations for HCPs and crafting personalized pathways for a unique case experience. In response to AbbVie's imperative to showcase enhanced treatment efficacy, we proposed leveraging the Patient Case Player platform to present pertinent clinical cases.

MedTrix Healthcare and AbbVie teams collaborated closely with prominent global experts in Rheumatology, collecting real-life patient cases from their clinical practices, and subjecting them to our advanced ML algorithms to tailor them for optimal utilization within the Case Player environment.

Our dedicated medical and technical experts provided support to AbbVie's team during the Medico-Legal-Regulatory (MLR) reviews. Recognizing the distinctive nature of ML algorithm-driven clinical cases, we skilfully addressed their concerns, ensuring a seamless and effective process.

Our in-house full-stack technology team collaborated closely with AbbVie's Technology Solutions team to ensure the app successfully passed rigorous security checks and met their stringent IT requirements.

The Result

The Rinvoq Interactive Clinical Case Player stands as a pivotal HCP engagement endeavor by AbbVie. Commencing with an initial offering of 3 patient cases, the Case Library is rapidly expanding to encompass 15 diverse patient cases, with a promise of further enriching content in the pipeline.

This innovative tool has transcended its role, extending to AbbVie's Cross Rheum initiative. In addition to Rinvoq, the platform has been embraced to highlight cases associated with another of AbbVie's Immunology successes, Skyrizi, thereby expanding its influence and extending its scope across various indications.

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The Recognitions

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Client Testimonial

Working with MedTrix has been an absolute pleasure. The final solution delivered by them is nothing short of exceptional. We truly appreciate their efforts and look forward to future collaborations.

Global Marketing Manager - Rheumatology, Global Marketing and Commercial Operations

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