We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation in all levels.

MedTrix Delivery Process

MedTrix is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company where we strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by ensuring the highest level of professional quality in all activities through a defined and disciplined process. MedTrix delivery process is a reflection of how we approach business which clearly separates us from other companies. We focus on client’s delivery experience

The project management team is aligned to good project management practices as defined by PMI. We use sophisticated project management tools that enable the teams to manage resource allocation, align them to the scope of work, and manage change requests and timelines. This helps in monitoring progress, planning contingencies, and managing escalations with involvement of senior management.

At MedTrix, we manage work by forming lean teams based on skills, past experience and knowledge of the client. This ensures that a combination of the best individuals are teamed up to form the core team and enables scaling of team size based on the stage of the project and complexity.

Our process kicks in right from the requirement gathering stage to capture expectations and translate that into a delivery experience that maintains the expected quality throughout the process

The process implementation emphasizes close communication, optimal customer engagement and quick responsiveness with continuous update, consultation and availability until the project is delivered

Our process integrates good project management practices in all departments with individual planning and execution which is organised, measurable and controlled to develop and deliver projects.

The development team is highly responsive to our customer’s needs with a good understanding of change management which helps in modifying workflows and processes to accommodate change

Learnings from projects are documented in a way that assists in root cause analysis and update to the system should it enhance quality and client experience. These learnings get implemented in the training of new team members and stakeholders to enhance the seamless delivery experience. The team has a high degree of proficiency in implementing waterfall model, Agile and Scrum processes of project management