Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) has been around for some time and while it has been used in several fields with great impact, its application in healthcare communication has been sparse and often underwhelming. At MedTrix NXT we are devising ways to realize the full potential of this technology in healthcare communications.

AR delivers high fidelity communication that is meaningful, active, constructive, intentional, and authentic. We have used these capabilities of AR and ubiquitous mobile devices to reimagine product detailing and patient education.

The initial foray into AR at MedTrix happened several years back with medical devices and illustration of anatomy. As the technology advanced, we applied AR to increasingly complex scenarios such as depicting sophisticated mechanisms underlying the development of some hematological diseases and explaining the intricacies of the mechanism of action of certain cancer medications. Our future endeavors include bringing AR to applications aimed at patient education and disease management.