Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) entered our collective conscience thanks to the entertainment industry and is currently being used in several consumer appliances. However, it has not been utilised in healthcare communications despite the obvious potential.

At MedTrix NXT we have brought this powerful technology to our solutions. Our AI-powered solution for patients gives them reliable knowledge about iron overload and our clinical trials application uses AI to run clinical trials with ease. We continue to work on ways to humanise AI for extensive use in healthcare communications.

We have been working with this rapidly evolving technology for some time now and have utilized AI to make intelligent digital solutions for patient and physician engagement. Our Iron counsellor application features a friendly AI powered virtual assistant that helps patients with iron overload get reliable answers to their queries and has the smarts to help them keep track of their symptoms. The newer ventures in to AI that are in the making incorporate the newer evolutions in AI into solutions for patients with asthma and urticaria.