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iRead-Pub for Novartis Ophthalmology

Discover how the Novartis Ophthalmology team leveraged our proprietary solution 'iRead-Pub' to enhance the accessibility of scientific literature, catering to the changing needs and demands of healthcare professionals.

The Challenge

In the dynamic sphere of medical communication, physicians face the challenge of keeping up with a vast number of scientific publications, while lacking time to read them. We identified the need to improve the reading experience of medical professionals and utilized iRead-Pub, a web-based solution to effectively convey the findings of KESTREL and KITE study results for the Beovu publications team of Novartis Ophthalmology.

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Our Solution

In a collaborative effort, MedTrix Healthcare and Novartis team conducted a comprehensive 3-day workshop, delving into the intricate details and impactful findings of the KESTREL and KITE studies. Leveraging this valuable insight, they decided to amplify the study outcomes through iRead Pub. Interactive annotations and a scientific storyboard were crafted to accentuate crucial discussion points.

iRead-Pub has an extensive toolkit for making clinical papers interactive by offering multimedia interactions and supplementary data for seamless understanding. The application also featured quizzes, supplementary explanations, and multimedia elements like voice notes, videos, and infographics, ensuring enhanced user engagement. The app catered to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) alike.

The Result

The iRead-Pub application achieved a successful launch, reaching 12 countries under Novartis' global ophthalmology brand. Anticipated to be accessed by 10,000 HCPs this year, its debut week recorded impressive metrics. With an average of 114.4 user clicks per annotation and a total seat time of 14 hours per annotation, the interactive features notably reduced review time. HCPs could now concentrate on and retain vital content, positively impacting their clinical practice.

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The Recognitions

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Client Testimonial

Working with the MedTrix team has been an awesome experience. Their collaborative and swift approach to addressing feedback is truly commendable. The project management exhibited by the team was excellent, ensuring smooth progress throughout. Their collective expertise in medical, graphics, and technology is impressive, enabling the delivery of outstanding solutions.

I encourage MedTrix to continue its innovative endeavors in this space and offer a wide array of solutions. Cheers to their continued success!

Director - Scientific Services & Communications Group

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