MiHive Digital Engagement Framework

  •   Aug 10, 2020

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About medtrix

MiHive, by MedTrix Healthcare, is a unique, feature-packed, easy-to-use and readily customisable customer engagement platform. Designed to address the digital needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare firms, MiHive is a multi-brand, multi-therapy platform that consolidates sales, marketing, AI and medical efforts across countries and brands. The platform is built on a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) framework, based on existing learning and content management frameworks such as CMS-Drupal and CRM-Veeva, which allows upload, edit, tag and management of content within the platform. A core feature that sets MiHive apart is the ability to schedule webcasts and webinars across therapy areas or brands.

The MiHive Advantage:

  1. Quick and easy customisability of content with the DAMS framework:
    • (Feature 2) Easy customisability, with multichannel content upload, editing and tagging features, which simplifies content management for each type of user
    • (Feature 3) HCPs can access pre-approved content and features, moderated by Admins, without registering on the platform or being part of a brand
  2. Enables secure and remote access to content:
    • (Feature 1) Pre-established Admin hierarchy to ensure secure access and control over content accessible to each user type
    • (Feature 2) Centrally located content, which enables faster access for all stakeholders, across geographies
  3. Webcast and webinar capabilities using the online ticketing platform:
    • (Feature 1) Set up webcasts and webinars using the online ticketing system, send out invitations and links, and let users know about upcoming events
    • (Feature 2) Integrated polling, survey and Ask Question features for interaction with participants during or after a virtual meeting
    • (Feature 3) Live stream to up to 10,000 participants and choose Public or Private webinar settings
  4. Digital engagement made easy:
    • (Feature 1) Wide range of applications across various verticals, such as remote detailing, online content/idea exchange forums, virtual training support, marketing campaigns, and much more.
    • (Feature 2) Multimedia Retrieval system that enables quick access to brand assets; Unified Asset Management section, which allows Admins to add, remove and manage content on the platform
  5. Convenient data analysis with the Integrated Analytics Dashboard:
    • (Feature 1) Admins can access a plethora of usage statistics, including information about most viewed and most downloaded content, viewing and completion times, user ratings and more.
    • (Feature 2) User data presented in graphical format, sorted by KPI, country and by speciality
  6. Successful implementation with various clients: Customised builds installed for Eli Lilly, Nestle HealthScience, Novartis, Pfizer, PTC Therapeutics and more

Why choose MiHive:
MiHive offers a distinct advantage in terms of versatility and quick customisability. Based on frameworks such as Veeva and Drupal, which are pre-existing LMS and CMS systems used by top pharma companies worldwide, MiHive is a secure, easy-to-use, fully-loaded and data-driven platform.

MiHive can support various content subtypes for such as virtual meetings, webcasts and webinars; email campaigns and e-detailers; promotional and KOL videos; toolkits and materials for HCPs, patients and reps; training and e learning modules; and other brand information. From marketing, training, virtual conferences, detailing presentations and interactive videos to user feedback and usage data, MiHive supports various functions.

With feature-loaded builds, webcast and webinar functionalities, well established security protocols and a wide range of applications that can be supported on the platform, MiHive is the customer engagement tool for all your digital needs.



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