MOD 3D Video and AR Adaptation for Keytruda

Explore the promising outcomes of prostate cancer therapies within the Tumor Immune Microenvironment, as revealed by our immersive 3D Mechanism Of Disease video and augmented reality adaptation, developed for Merck's Keytruda Franchise.

The Challenge

The rapid advancements in understanding the microenvironment of prostate cancer lesions have helped in unraveling insights into the limitations of immunotherapy and the potential for combination therapies.

Merck aims to raise awareness among healthcare professionals (HCPs), highlighting the significance of these advancements by showing the Mechanism Of Disease (MOD) at the micro-cellular level.

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Our Solution

We introduced a 3D MOD video, that visually communicates complex interactions and promotes a better understanding of the mechanisms in the Tumor Immune Microenvironment (TIME) of prostate cancer. The video was designed for easy comprehension from a medical perspective, at the same time was dynamic in nature, featuring animations and motion graphics that capture and retain viewers' attention.

Furthermore, we are transforming the 3D video into an augmented reality (AR) experience, integrating interactive sequences at strategic touchpoints. This adaptation ensures focused engagement during Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) visits and oncology conferences, providing an immersive and informative experience.

The Result

We take pride in being the first agency on Merck's roster to successfully complete the creation of a groundbreaking 3D MOD concept on immunotherapy for prostate cancer. This achievement involved navigating complex Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) environments and undergoing several rounds of concept and actual reviews.

The resulting video was launched at major Oncology conferences worldwide, where it received widespread appreciation for its ability to bring complex immune concepts to life in a visually engaging and graphic format.

our work

Client Testimonial

Navigating the review process involving Medical, Legal, and Regulatory aspects was the most demanding phase of the project. Throughout this journey, MedTrix's content and creative teams showcased remarkable medical expertise and creative insight. They meticulously crafted hand-drawn sketches for every frame of the storyboard, vividly unfolding the complex sequence of events. This played a pivotal role in aiding the reviewers' comprehension of the concept. We extend our sincere appreciation to the team for their relentless dedication in elevating the video to its current level of refinement, meeting all the stringent medical, legal, and regulatory standards.

Associate Director, Project Management

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