•   Apr 27, 2022

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About medtrix

As we race forward into the 21st century, healthcare professionals (HCPs) remain enthralled by the pace of medical advances. From up-and-coming gene therapies, breakthroughs in oncology and heart health, new classes of medications that challenge convention, increased access to telemedicine, individualized care pathways, and new treatments for rare disorders to the development of COVID-19 vaccines that are now being administered around the world, medicine continues to advance at a pace that makes being fully informed an ongoing challenge.

Despite the pace of change, ongoing medical education remains the cornerstone of understanding and learning for HCPs. However, the pace of updates required in medical knowledge presents its own challenges.

It was estimated that the doubling time of medical knowledge in 1950 was 50 years, in 1980, it was 7 years, and in 2020, it was projected to be 0.2 years — just 73 days. Similarly, students who began medical school in 2010 will have experienced approximately three doublings in knowledge by the time they completed the minimum length of training (7 years) needed to practice medicine.1

With rapidly evolving technology, available information is expanding faster than our ability to assimilate and apply it effectively, and this is as true in medical education and patient care as it is in research. To meet these challenges, medical education continues to evolve, and MedTrix is proud to be pioneering new and successful approaches in electronic online learning or eLearning.

Our eLearning solutions empower HCPs to learn at their own pace and convenience. In the post-pandemic world, our solutions are establishing a new benchmark for expanding medical knowledge while eradicating the limitations of time zones and geographies.

MedTrix has developed modular eLearning ranging from oncology and cardiology to rare genetic diseases, always applying the principles of adult learning, delivered through an immersive and engaging experience. Our medical experts create cutting-edge content, which is enhanced with 2D/3D videos, KOL videos, interactivities, and gamification to engage users throughout their learning journey. MedTrix has also developed an end-to-end learning management system that hosts a variety of learning materials, tracks progress, and generates useful analytics over a custom-built platform suited to the client’s medical and branding requirements. Through an integrated webinar solution within the platform, MedTrix also provides an avenue for active interaction and continuous engagement of the registered HCPs with Key Opinion Leaders and Experts.

One of our flagship solutions, a learning portal offering an in-depth understanding of the scientific concepts of Crohn's Disease Exclusion Diet (CDED), continues to exceed expectations. Over 100 modules and 700+ additional learning materials like infographics, Case Players, FAQs, and videos have been deployed in keeping the platform up-to-date and relevant as the go-to educational resource for inflammatory bowel dietary therapy. With over 10,000 HCPs registered worldwide and localized content available in 6 different languages, the app has truly gained a global presence with users accessing it from 94 countries. By early 2022, over 2,500 experts have completed their certification through the training program.

Harnessing intelligent tools and engaging advancements in eLearning, MedTrix continuously strives to set higher benchmarks with the single goal of providing effective and impactful learning outcomes.


  1. 1. Densen P. Challenges and opportunities facing medical education. Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. 2011;122:48-58.


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