CLIO Health recognizes Dr. Rajesh Hariharan as Clio Health Innovator 2024

The evening of June 12th, 2024 was a special one for MedTrix, as Dr. Rajesh Hariharan , Medical Director at MedTrix Healthcare, was felicitated as a CLIO HEALTH INNOVATOR at the 2024 Clio Health Awards in New York City. Cheering and supporting him were his colleagues Dr. Kumar Badampudi and Hari Prabhakaran, both VPs at MedTrix for Medical Affairs Strategy and Business Development respectively.

Medtrix Healthcare arranged a delightful evening for the MedTrix team based at the Global Development Centre (GDC) in Bengaluru, India. Our VP and Head of Operations kicked off the evening with his kind words on Dr. Rajesh’s contributions to MedTrix Healthcare over the eleven years he’s been with MedTrix. He highlighted the global recognition as a validation of Dr. Rajesh’s dedication to improve patient’s lives.

Dr. Rajesh's track record of successful client projects and his dedication to client satisfaction make us confident that he will continue to deliver exceptional results. One of Dr. Rajesh's recent projects involved creating an educational video on lysosomal storage diseases, which transformed complex medical concepts into engaging 3D animations, supporting early diagnosis and improving patient care. His work in the rare disease niche has set new benchmarks in healthcare marketing, earning numerous accolades in the recent past.

These celebrations are a testament to the vibrant, supportive, and inspiring culture at MedTrix, where every achievement is shared and celebrated by the entire team. It was a memorable day that reflects our collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in healthcare and establishing the Power of One at MedTrix.

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