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The AMI Consultation App for the UK&I

Discover how the AMI Consultation and Education App is ushering in a new era of personalized aesthetics consultation, reshaping the future of patient consultation.

The Challenge

During aesthetic consultations, skilled Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) engage with patients to comprehend their unique expectations and concerns. Through a meticulous assessment of their skin and facial features, personalized treatment plans are crafted to address specific needs.

Consultative discussions were often marred due to the lack of a unified solution that facilitates customized consultation, patient education, and treatment planning. MedTrix Healthcare stepped in to tackle this challenge by adopting an approach that seamlessly blends creativity with technology, enabling HCPs to proficiently convey scientific information to their clients.

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Our Solution

The app facilitates a better understanding of anatomical changes and aging effects, fostering a collaborative approach. HCPs can gain access to comprehensive information on products, enabling them to create holistic treatment plans. These plans can be conveniently shared with patients via email for thoughtful consideration and saved by the doctor for future visits.

The app offers illustrative visuals across diverse ethnicities that simplify the understanding of facial anatomical layers and expressions . It includes an interactive on aging that explains the impact of volume loss and structural changes in bones and fat pads with aging. This is followed by an augmentatinon feature that allows users view the fat pad's locations on their face virtually!

The Result

Praised for scientific accuracy and user-friendly views, the app earned a 9/10 satisfaction rating during testing. With 252 downloads in a month, it is gaining popularity. The LATAM team showcased its relevance in aesthetic practice during an event-specific instance. The localization requests are being received from the US, Europe, and Asia making the app a potential candidate as Allergan's go-to global practice tool.

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The Recognitions

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Client Testimonial

Once again, MedTrix has surpassed my expectations with the delivery of this project! Despite the additional work created by our requests, such as granting various Allergan employees access to the test app, they handled everything diligently. Following the UAT and feedback from our faculty, MedTrix promptly made the necessary changes to enhance the app's user experience.
I am thoroughly impressed with their responsiveness and commitment to delivering a high-quality product! Keep up the good work guys!

AMI Training and Education Manager - Allergan Aesthetics, an Abbvie Company

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